About the Journal

The Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery is a quarterly free-access publication (4 issues per year), published in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the official magazine of the Argentine Neurosurgery Association. It publishes original topics in neurosurgery and related basic and clinical neurosciences. The authorities and the Editorial Committee of the Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery are independently appointed to the AANC.

Aims & Scope

The mission of the Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery is to disseminate, from a scientific perspective, neurosurgical knowledge and related areas, through original articles, following the guidelines of professional ethics and care of the patient.

About the platform and the arbitration system

The Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery uses the OJS (Open Journal Systems) as the administration and publication system. All articles submitted to the journal undergo a double-blind review process, with expert reviewers (peer review) outside the Editorial Committee. Once the manuscript enters the journal, it is sent to two reviewers, without knowing the name or affiliation of the authors. Reviewers can accept or reject the work; in the case of being accepted, it can be with modifications or without modifications. Thus, always following the double-blind premise, the process continues between reviewers and authors, until the article is ready for publication.

Unpublished and original material: policy on plagiarism

The Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery only publishes unpublished and original material. The journal's policy regarding plagiarism and duplication is as follows: when the author submits an article, he must state whether it has been previously published; The reviewers also verify whether the manuscript or part of it was previously published (Google & Google Scholar), either by the authors themselves or by other people. The appearance of plagiarism or non-originality means the automatic rejection of the work.

Standards and codes of ethics

The Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery adheres to the standards and codes of ethics established by the Committee on Publication Ethics (Code of Conduct and Best Practices Guidelines for Journals Editors, COPE).

Studies with people and animals

If the work involves people, the author must ensure that it was carried out in accordance with the WHO code of ethics (Declaration of Helsinki) and must declare that he has the informed consent of the studied participants. The right to privacy must always be respected.

The author must declare that animal experiments adhere to the National Institutes of Health Guide to the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (NIH Publications No. 8023, revised 1978).

Access to the Magazine and Copyright policy.

Access to the works published in the journal is free and full text, as well as the reception and processing of manuscripts for publication. The articles can be downloaded free of charge by anyone.

Copyright Policy: The Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery does not retain the reproduction rights, so the authors can republish their works with the sole mention of the original publication source.

The Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery is under the Creative Commons Attribution-non-Commercial 4.0 (CC BY-NC) license.

Interoperability protocols

The interoperability protocols incorporated by the journal are: Dublin Core 1.1; OpenURL 1.0 and MODS 3.4

Archiving and repository policies

The long term preservation service is archived at CLOCKSS / LOCKSS. Regarding repository policy, the submitted, accepted, and published versions are deposited on the platform of the Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery (OJS), without embargo for the author.

The Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery and "Surgical Neurology International" (SNI).

The Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery has an agreement with Surgical Neurology International (SNI), an online publication journal, indexed in Pubmed, of great worldwide prestige. Thus, authors who decide to do so can publish their article, after doing so in the Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery, also in Surgical Neurology International.

I4OC standards
The citations of the Argentine Journal of Neurosurgery comply with the I4OC Standards, being structured, separable and open.